Swedish Life – Going to the cinema

Credit: Unsplash/Erik Witsoe


I must admit something: I love going to the cinema. But since I have been living in Sweden, I have not been to the cinema so much. And one of the reason is… the price. Indeed, Swedish cinema is VERY EXPENSIVE. One ticket costs 140kr (around 14 euros) for a student – it is twice as expensive as French cinema.

E-tickets only

To get tickets, you have to book them on the internet on Linköping’s cinema’s website – if you are going to Linköping’s cinema.While booking you also choose your seat and get e-tickets you show at the entrance.

I think you can also buy them through the machine located in the entrance hall, but I have never done that.

Salted pop-corn

Once you are at the cinema, pop-corn can be bought of course. But: it is only salty. I was surprised at first, because in France you can choose between salt and sweet pop-corn. And obviously I used to pick the latest. Now I guess I learned to like salty pop-corn…!

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