Where to eat in Linköping

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Of course Linköping offers fast-foods (MacDonald’s, Max and Burger King) but what’s also good about Sweden are the Dagens Lunch: every week days, almost all restaurants have lunch offers costing between 100 and 150kr (around between 10 and 15 euros). However, having dinner is often way more expensive.

Asian buffés

  • Yogi to eat delicious Indian food
  • Sushi Yama which offers cheap sushis, with vegan options!
  • Yellow Fellow where you can eat great Thaï food for 100kr at lunch!
  • Ming Palace, a cheap Asian buffé (but the food is not outstanding)


  • Pizzeria Adriatic
  • Vallastaden Pizzeria

Both have super good pizzas, with gluten-free and vegan options. Pizzeria Adriatic is located near the city center, and Vallastaden Pizzeria is closer to university.



  • Grekiskt och Gott, for very good Greek food mixing tzatziki, eggplants, halloumi… and of course meat for meat-eaters!
  • Merwah, a Lebanese restaurant which is very expensive at night (I payed around 30 euros last time I got there) but cheaper for lunch.
  • Falafel huset – THE place to be on the Valla Campus, where you can have a falafel roll for less than 50kr.
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