Watching Eurovision… on a big screen!

Bilal Hassani, French 2019 Eurovision contestant. Credit: Screenshot/Youtube


Last Saturday took place the Eurovision finals. As many international students live in Linköping, some of my friends organized a screening of the show. I had never watched Eurovision, but being surrounded with other European students it was interesting and exciting to follow the competition!

I began by listening to the Eurovision Spotify playlist. So when all the songs played I knew them already, I enjoyed the show even more this way 😉

On the D-Day we all gathered in Valla – a neighborhood located between the university and the city center where there are also student housing. There, it is possible to rent a “cinema room” with sofas, a spotlight, a fridge and a microwave. Thus, we could enjoy the show with beers and pop corn!

We were a bit more than 20 people in the room, which was a lot given the lack of windows of the place… It was super warm.

I was very disappointed that Bilal Hassani, the French contestant only arrived 14th… and even more when Sweden was defeated by The Netherlands. Anyway, that was a nice show and a nice night!

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