Farewell mingle – The end is near…

As the end of the year comes, LiU organizes events to celebrate our Swedish academic experiences as well as friendships with forged in Linköping. One of these events was the Farewell Mingle, which took place last Tuesday in KK! It was initially reserved to exchange students (not master students) but one of my friends who is an exchange student here, registered me as a guest.

Free food and drinks

The event started around 17.30 but I was late and missed the opening statements and speeches. However, I arrived just in time for enjoying the buffet: sandwiches (vegetarian for me) and bubble drinks (still don’t know if it was very low alcohol percentage or just non-alcoholic).

Playing Games and singing karaoke

After enjoying free food and drinks, we were gathered to play Kahoot. For those who don’t know: it is a smartphone app which allows you to organize quizzes with every one who is willing to play through a reference code – it’s very badly explained but you get the idea. So, we played Kahoot by teams with a Swedish/LiU-themed quizz. My team did not win but we had fun!

Then, a big karaoke was organized with songs from ABBA first. But most of the people just wanted to hang out on KK’s terrasse and enjoy beers in the sun. Which I also did!

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