Outside Linköping – One day in Lund

After spending a few days in Malmö, I went to Lund, a small student city located only 20 minutes away by train. Lund is famous for its great student life with nations, and its cathedral.

I begun my day by walking around the city and the botanical garden. It was very pleasant despite the rainy weather! Then, I visited the cathedral and walked again around the city. I did not have much time since I had to take my train back to Linköping in the evening but one day was more than enough to visit Lund in my opinion!

Here are some pictures:

I will end this post by saying that it’s the end of the blogging adventure for me — at least for this year. Everything went very well in Linköping, from my studies to my student life and I can only recommend to study in this city. Plus, Sweden is a wonderful country! Hejdå 😉

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