LiU life – Kårallen vibes

Screenshot of the Facebook event from Festeriet Fyllecellen “GOLDFEVER 2019 – Battle of the 70’s”


I feel like I am only writing about parties these days. Last week I talked to you about Kårhuset Kollektivet, where I have been to a “Absolut Flashback party”. Today, I am going to tell you about Kårallen, where I partied last Saturday, dancing on 1970s music – for the most part.

What is Kårallen?

Just like KK, Kårallen is part of Linköping’s “Kårservice”, that is to say the association in charge of organizing student life in LiU. However, Kårallen is located on campus and open all day long. Indeed, that is where most of the student organizations have their offices, and you can find several cafés to have lunch or fika. On Thursday nights, you can even have beers there!

1970s party

Last Saturday, the party’s name was “Goldfever – Battle of the 1970s”. Partying on campus was surprising to me, and seeing the usually quite quiet areas turned into two huge dance floors was very exciting – one was on the first floor with live music, and the other one on the ground floor.

Partying in Kårallen is usually as expensive as KK. For instance I paid 120kr (approximately 12 euros) to go to this party. But unlike the week before, tickets were not sold out from the first round of sales!

Swedish life – A book club to learn Swedish

Publicerat av Linköpings stadsbibliotek Torsdag 14 mars 2019


I have good news: I passed the Swedish national test and I am done with SFI classes! When I got the news this week, I was glad but also worried. If I was done with classes, where was I going to be able to learn Swedish??? Luckily, Linköping’s public library has a lot of events for newly Swedish speakers. Among them is the “Kvinnor bokcirkeln på lätt svenska” (“Women’s book club in easy Swedish”) . I attended it once last week and it was an amazing experience!

Where & when?

The book club takes place in Linköping’s public library, in the city center. It takes approximately 15 minutes by bike to go there from the university.

It is held every other week on Thursday mornings (10-12). Since I don’t have class, it is easy for me to organize and go there in the morning, but it is true that it can be a struggle for other master programs…!

What do you do there?

Last time I went there we were five, including Désirée, who was organizing the event. We first introduced ourselves and then read a (very) easy book in Swedish. Even though it was a little bit too easy for me, I really liked that we took time to discuss the Swedish words, expressions and culture. It really got me to talk and express myself in Swedish, which can be hard in my day-to-day life since most of my friends are internationals (and we speak English!).

I can’t wait to go back there next week!

LiU life – Let’s party in KK!

Screen shot from the Facebook event “Absolut Flashback” in Kårhuset Kollektivet.


“If you wanna be my lover, you have to get with my friends…” Last week-end I partied on songs by the Spice Girls, the Backstreet Boys and Gwen Stefani. It was the “Absolut Flashback” party in Kårhuset Kollektivet – or KK – during which were played songs from the 1990s and the 2000s. And I think it was one of the best parties I have attended in Linköping so far.

What is KK?

KK is part of Linköping’s “Kårservice”, that is to say the association in charge of organizing student life in LiU. It is a pub/night club located in the city centre were a lot of events take place. For instance, that is where where ESN, the Erasmus student organization, organizes International Karaokes and every Thursday, it is possible to participate in pub quizzes!

You can also just chill and drink beers with your friends.

As a student, you can also work in KK – however I don’t have anymore details about this since I haven’t been experiencing it myself.

KK’s parties

Just like Flamman, you can only attend KK’s parties if you have a student ID. Parties are usually organized by specific student organizations, and you have to buy your ticket a few days before the party. The tickets sale is often very crowded, and it is not rare to queue for a long time before getting them. People sometimes even start queuing an hour before the actual tickets release!

Usually a ticket to a KK party costs between 80 and 120kr (8 to 12 euros). Way more expensive than Flamman, but in my opinion it is worth it: I had a great time at the Absolut Flashback party!

Toolbox – I took the Swedish national test!

Since October, I have been following courses with SFI – Swedish for Immigrants. These classes are free and are designed for want to learn to speak Swedish. Since I talked already a bit of Swedish, I followed courses of the last level – D-level. And last Tuesday, I was able to take the national Swedish test!

National Swedish test, what for?

The national Swedish test is divided in four parts: writing, reading, speaking and listening. The test lasts a whole day – approximately from 8am to 4pm. But don’t worry you have a few breaks between the different parts!

To pass it means to get a certificate stating that you can work in Swedish. It is very useful when you are looking for a job here.

Classes with SFI

To be honest, I missed the deadline to register to Swedish classes at LiU, so that is why I registered with SFI once I got my personal number. And I don’t regret at all! I learned a lot.

Classes take place twice a week from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. It is quite intense but very useful!

You can register by filling in a form and sending it to Birgitta Skolan, in charge of organizing classes.

Swedish life – Sauna in Linköping

Copyright: Unsplash/Jason Leung

Last week-end, I went for sauna for the first time since I have moved to Linköping! I, of course, had done it before when I spent my Erasmus in Sweden. But, since it was my first time here, it felt a little bit special.

What is sauna?

I think that most of you must know what sauna is. Basically, you just lie down or sit in a room heated up to more than 100°C and sweat until you can’t stand it anymore. It is a huge part of Swedish culture. You can either wear a bathing suit or do it naked. During your session, you can drink cold beer or ciders, listen to music… and you can take breaks to take a cold shower: it is super relaxing.

The best, in my opinion, is to enjoy a sauna during winter and to take breaks diving in  cold water. You can find a few spots in Sweden where it is possible to do that, and it is amazing. I have done it in Fjällnora, near Uppsala three years ago. But I think the best experience of my life, was in Lapland, where I enjoyed a 90°C sauna and then dived into a frozen lake. It scary at first, but then you just want to do it again!

Sauna in Linköping

Actually, the house I live in has a sauna, but it is broken. Too bad! So, to enjoy a sauna time I joined some friend living in the Ryd area. If you live in the students building there, you can book a sauna for a few hours. I don’t really know how it works since I don’t live in student housing, but I think it is pretty convenient!

Otherwise, I know that you have saunas in most of the gyms, not only in Linköping but in Sweden in general. Plus, I heard of spots where you can actually sauna in the nature and dive into a lake! I’ll write about it for sure if I ever do it!