Series – Why you need to watch “Quicksand”/”Störts av allt”

Maybe you have already watched it, or maybe you are planning to. The Swedish series Störst Av Allt (Quicksand, in English) is, in my opinion, a very good show worth binge-watching on Netflix.

The series’ lead-role is held by a LiU student!

Even more when you know that the main character, Maja, is played by Hanna Ardéhn, a student at Linköping University. You can watch her interview below:

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The plot is very captivating

Beyond the fact that the series has an undeniable link to LiU, it is also an amazing thriller. The characters are very complex and I really enjoyed watching it. However, each episode is quite long — 45 to 50 minutes — and usually very emotionally heavy. I had to take breaks of sometimes several days to be able to process all the story. But it is definitely worth watching it!

It is a good way to learn Swedish

I installed the Chrome extension called “Learn Languages with Netflix” and it’s really efficient! Thanks to it you can watch Swedish shows (are any other show) with subtitles in two languages. For instance, I watched Quicksand with both Swedish and English subtitles. I learned a lot of new words and was able to practice my comprehension 🙂

What is Valborg?

Valborg in Trädgårdsföreningen


Hey allihopa! I haven’t had time to write a lots these past days: my sister came to visit and then I had to focus on my thesis… But now I can find a little bit of time to talk to you about a major celebration in Sweden: Valborg!

What is Valborg?

Every year on 30th April, Swedes celebrate spring. They gather around in public places such as parks to drink, dance and enjoy the sun – when it’s sunny. When the night comes, a bonfire is usually lit up and Swedes dance around it.

The biggest and the most famous celebration of Valborg is in Uppsala. There, thousands of people gather to celebrate it, it is so popular that train tickets’ prices explode around this time of the year: everyone wants to participate in the celebrations!

How do you celebrate Valborg in Linköping?

This year, the weather was very nice and as usual, a student event was organized in Trädgårdsföreningen, a very nice park in the city center of Linköping. There was concerts, food trucks and hundreds of students chilling in the grass drinks in hand. I had a very nice time!

However, no bonfire was lit-up… there was a fire ban in the Östergötlands region due to the high temperatures.



LiU life – Kårallen vibes

Screenshot of the Facebook event from Festeriet Fyllecellen “GOLDFEVER 2019 – Battle of the 70’s”


I feel like I am only writing about parties these days. Last week I talked to you about Kårhuset Kollektivet, where I have been to a “Absolut Flashback party”. Today, I am going to tell you about Kårallen, where I partied last Saturday, dancing on 1970s music – for the most part.

What is Kårallen?

Just like KK, Kårallen is part of Linköping’s “Kårservice”, that is to say the association in charge of organizing student life in LiU. However, Kårallen is located on campus and open all day long. Indeed, that is where most of the student organizations have their offices, and you can find several cafés to have lunch or fika. On Thursday nights, you can even have beers there!

1970s party

Last Saturday, the party’s name was “Goldfever – Battle of the 1970s”. Partying on campus was surprising to me, and seeing the usually quite quiet areas turned into two huge dance floors was very exciting – one was on the first floor with live music, and the other one on the ground floor.

Partying in Kårallen is usually as expensive as KK. For instance I paid 120kr (approximately 12 euros) to go to this party. But unlike the week before, tickets were not sold out from the first round of sales!

Shopping in Linköping – Where to buy second-hand

Photo: Unsplash/Lauren Fleischmann

My 2018 resolution was to shop clothes second-hand, both to reduce my expenses and my ecological footprint. In 2019 I decided to keep this commitment and I have been looking for ways to stick to my promise. Thankfully, many ways to buy second-hand exist in Linköping and in Sweden, in general.


One of my favorite shops in Linköping is Myrorna. It is a second-hand shop where it is possible to buy ice-skates, as well as dresses or furniture for low prices. Whenever I need to buy a new piece of clothes I go there first. Another second-hand shop is held by the Red Cross. However, I have only been there once. Anyway, both of these shops are cheap and second-hand, which allows you to buy low-price clothes and reduce your ecological footprint.


Another way to buy second-hand in Linköping is to check the Internet. As I have mentioned before, is one of the best platforms to do so. It is easy to get in contact with users all over Sweden and get good prices. I actually never bought anything on this website, but it is my first reflex whenever I need something. Otherwise I used Facebook Marketplace to buy both my bike and my guitar, which is also a good way to get second-hand stuff!

Perks of Swedish winter – Ice skating in Linköping

Ice-skating in Linköping. Photo: Marta Herrero.


I could not write anymore last week, due to a problem with my computer. But now I am back, and I am able to tell you more about Swedish winter. One thing you want to try during winter in Sweden is definitely ice-skating. I tried it last Wednesday and it was so much fun!

Where to get ice-skates

To go ice-skating, you first need… ice-skates, that’s right. I bought some in Myrorna, which is a second-hand shop in Linköping’s city center. They cost me 100 kronor (approximately 10 euros). You can also find some on or in some second-hand dedicated Facebook groups.

However, it is possible to rent some in Campus Hallen, the gym located on campus. There, you only have to chose your size and pay 40 kronor (around 4 euros) to rent them for the day. And if you do not feel comfortable skating for the first time or if you are worried to fall down, helmets are also available.

The ice-ring

The ice-ring is located just outside campus, behind Campus Hallen. The access is totally free, and it is not rare to see families or experienced ice-skaters enjoying the spot! On the day I went there with my friends, the weather was not really sunny and it had snowed a lot before, but we still managed to spend a good time!

I find ice-skating super relaxing and fun, and can only recommend it since it is such an easy activity to get to do in Linköping!