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This semester I registered for my second to last course – Environmental and Sustainability Education in the Natural and Cultural Landscape. This course is designed to enable future educators of environmental lovers to be able to teach sustainability to school children or communities. This is the second to last course i am to take, the final being the Thesis in Outdoor Education and which is set to begin next week. The third part of the course is designed in a way that will enable us the students to be able to plan and execute an outdoor education activity in groups. My turn to do it was on the 4th March, 2019 which was Wednesday. My group was composed of me, Devotha F. Komba and Iwona.
We choose to do our activity at Ryd, which will also enable us to do it at a familiar place which is also important in the course (place sensitivity).

Place that we did the activity – RYD

Our activity was #TRASHCHALLENGE. In this activity, we organised a trash collection with the rest of the class who act as kid/school children while I and the rest of my team were the facilitators or instructors. We choosed this activity because it is part of sustainability issue in our communities and the place is where most of us reside, so this will enable us to be more attached to it. It also will show us how our activities are causing a lot of pollution in the area.
At exactly 10.00 am, we were gathered at the Hemkop entrance and we gave the instructions to the “kids”. we told them what we are expecting from them and at the end of the activity we will discuss about pollution. So we divided them into three groups, each went with a group leader and the task was to collect as much trash as possible while at the end we will weight the trash collected and announced the winner. This was important as it will make the ‘kids’ in a competitive mood which will be good. So we set for work.

Students on trash collection.


After the agreed 40 minutes we all converge again and weighted the trashes. We also instructed them to categorize the trashes into what pleases them, this was meant to see if they have some prior knowledge about trash collection. It turned out to be that most of them do, as they categorized them based on their material components, their origin, and the three ‘Rs’, which is recycle, reuse, and reduce. This was fascinating as we all learnt new things from each other and also we collected a amount of 22 kgs of trashes within 40 minutes.

Students weighing trashes

Collected trashes being placed for weighing.

Trash collected and weighed and categorized using different ways.

This was indeed alarming because we though that we may not find trashes there but this turns to be the opposite. Most of the trashes was also plastics which we all know is very detrimental to the environment. We were also able to inspire some passers by among them, students and teachers who were amazed of our initiative. At the end of the weighing we went to the trash house to dump the trashes. It was very successful except that the weather was so rainy and not ideal for such an activity. Another difficulty we faced was the issue of making the students act like kids which was not easy to do.
Our key message after the activity was “Clean your environment”, “Do not litter in the street”, “Be sustainable” and “Reduce the use of plastics” !!!



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Since I came to Sweden back in August 15th, 2019 I have been living in Ryd in a corridor room. As an International student this room was secured for me well before i arrived and so I occupied it once I came in. In the corridor rooms here we have eight (8) people in the corridor and we share somethings in common, ranging from the common room, the kitchen and the kitchen utensils and so on… Since i came in i have been observing the kind of people in my corridor. Am not here to criticize the people i met but rather to give my readers a glimpse of what to expect and in that way it can prepare them for life in a corridor. S o here i present to you the seven (7) types of corridor mates i have found for now.
1. THE CLEAN ONE: These kind of person is always interested in keeping everything clean especially in the kitchen. He will ensure that anything he sees in the common places such as dirt he will clean it or make a note on the board for the one responsible to clean it. He/She things that the kitchen belongs to him/her, so he will always want to keep it tidy. This person always complain about people who make the kitchen dirty and is always irritated when the kitchen is dirty.
2. THE I DO NOT CARE: This kind of person do not care about anything in the kitchen. Whether the kitchen is clean or dirty this person do not care and is okay with it. This person also will not clean anyone’s mesh and will sometimes even leave his belongings scattered all over the kitchen. If the common places is clean it is fine with Him/her an also if it is dirty is the same for this person.
3. THE PARTY GUY: This person will ensure that in every weekend there is a party in the corridor. This person always invite friends to a party of some sort, being it a fika party or else a big eating and drinking party. If you live in this type of corridor where the party guy is then be patient with this guy. You are lucky if this guy happens to be clean, if not after every party your kitchen will be filthy and that means you and your corridor mates have a lot to clean.
4. THE SOCIAL ANIMAL: Yes! i mean a real social animal, because this type of guy will always ensure that he invite everyone in the common room when he finishes cooking and may even force you to try his/her meal even if it is not delicious. When this person meets you in the kitchen, he will always ignite a discussion by asking you many questions or asking you about your program of study or talking about life in Sweden.
5. THE POLITICAL ANIMAL: As the name implies, this is a person who is preoccupied with politics always and will always ask you many political questions. This guy knows the capital cities of all the countries in the world and almost all the previous and present Presidents of the countries in the globe. Once this guy asked you where you come from, be prepared to tell him which party do you support and why, because he knows all the big parties in your country. Every morning this guy will ask you political questions like what is the latest in the elections in country so and so, because he knows when all the different countries are having elections.
6. THE INVISIBLE GUY: This type of person is like an invisible human being, because you only see him/her monthly or biweekly sometimes. This guy is always away. You hardly belief this person belongs to the corridor, because you sometimes tend to forget when you last to see him/her. Well if you are looking for company like the social guy, not this one but also if you are a person who want space then try to live with this person. Even the space for him in the kitchen is always empty, ranging from the fridge to the cupboard. You can even use his space because he do not use it at all.
7. THE CHEF: This guy is always cooking. He will cook morning, evening, afternoon and even night. This guy will always make sure that the fan in the kitchen is always on and the aroma from his food will either make you salivate or else vomit. For him food is what brought him here and so he is always busy cooking.
These are the seven type of people i noticed here for now and if you are wondering what type of corridor mate i am, then might be check this space, but tell me the type of person you are first…

My corridor room.



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In my debut post about my course i did mentioned that as an outdoor and sustainability education student, many of our lessons are held in the outdoors. Since then we where going outdoors until the coming of the Winter season which also coincided with our second course – Research Methods, which is more based on theoretical knowledge. As a result we could not explore much of other places, but again with the winter signalling a good bye we are once again outdoors, this time exploring the beautiful city of Norrkopping. The city is about 30 minutes drive from Linkoping and housed one of the three campuses of Linkoping University.
The main purpose of our visit was based on the need to see the old industrial landscape in order to experience how cultural landscape change overtime, which is important in a time where transitions from sustainability requires radical changes of our societies. The visit proved to be very useful as it offers us the opportunity to see how the city had changed over the years from being a textile industrial city to being a ‘bombed’ city and its recovery to being a very nice and growing city. We explored the city center as part of the activities geared towards observing how sustainable or otherwise it is. It was refreshing to see many people using bikes and others on foot to places and to the University campus which is a very important way to ensure sustainability because it will make less pollution.
We also visited the Arbetets Museum where a lot of exhibitions were taking place. In the museum we were made to understand that the city was a textile producing city in the early years (1990s) of its existence.

During these time the city was a very promising city hence earning itself the name of ‘Sweden’s Manchester’, because during this time the world was in a deep depression and to counter the crises the city sends a clear message as city good for business because of its geographical location.
But these does not last as booming city also suffers from low productivity and making many people leave the city leading it to be called the ‘bombed city’ as many structures were brought down. After this the city wanted to transform itself to a settlement and hence increases the government agencies.
We also made a visit to different sections of the museum where we saw a lot of sustainability games and exhibition. We took the opportunity to play some of the games and learn something with the help of our lecturer.



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In this blog is explore how I help an African friend celebrate her 31st birthday here in Linköping.
Birthdays are meant for people to ponder on the blessings they have from the Almighty Allah and to somehow set their dreams for the next years if they happen to be alive. I also celebrated my 30th birthday here this year in January 16th. Unlike some people I celebrated my birthday by fasting to thank Allah for making me witness another year in my life. For not taking my life before this year, as I didn’t do any good better than those who couldn’t celebrate their 30th birthday. It is obvious that many people from different countries, from different backgrounds, from different religions and cultures celebrate birthdays differently. For I am a Muslim and many Muslims from the Gambia celebrate their birthdays by fasting so this year I also did the same. But for now let us focus on my friend’s birthday, Devotha Filbert Kombo. She is a Tanzanian and for the fact that we both hail from Africa and also doing the same program and living in the same apartment in Ryd, made us so connected. So when she told me she is turning 31yrs I was so glad given the fact that we all have a year added to our lives, nothing was more refreshing. unlike my type of celebration, hers was a grand celebration as she invited friends and our very cute outdoor classmates. In the morning of February 1st, i went with her to Hemkop for little shopping. We bought some foodstuffs, drinks and the nice cake. In the evening the ground was beautifully set and friends came from their abodes to join in the celebrations. We sang the birthday song while she served us the foods and drinks. The champagne was so nice and we rejoiced together while making funds and drinking. She also organised a game where by you pick a piece of paper written by her and you do exactly as the paper stated. This was so fascinating, because my paper reads “dance for us”. This was so heavy for me and i tried to be smart by changing what was written on it but she was too smart for my trick and realized it as soon as i set it. so i was left with no option but to dance as stated. I am usually that shy type so dancing was not for me but for the fact that i do not want to disappoint i did. They all enjoyed it and laughed and rejoiced. This is a day that will not be easily forgotten as it was also an avenue to relish some stress from the books.

I say a very happy birthday Devotha and may Allah make you celebrate the next one while you are a masters holder with dreams realized.



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I am accustomed to always opening my window when i wake up first thing in the morning to see what the outside have to offer for me in everyday. most of the time i will be opening the window to have a little access of the sunlight through a reflection from the glasses from another building, despite that seems to be the only way to access it while in my room. it have been long time since i see what i saw today in the morning. When i wake up i saw the outside was a little bit bright so as usual i rushed to the window to see if it is the sunlight, but this time NO it was not the sunlight, rather it was SNOW. Yes! snow. For this year have been one of the warmest winters in Sweden. Little snow where i live here in Linkoping, it was since early January that i missed seeing snow but today i was surprised of the view. It was all bright as snow had covered the green grasses and some of the pavements. It is a beautiful view especially for people like me who started seeing snow here in Sweden.
So one of the things i thought of doing after taking breakfast and praying was to go outside and see the surroundings in Ryd how the snow is. I took a little walk to the field and make some artistic works with the snow, for i am a teacher and always love to try out something out of something.

Musa writing on the snow.

Although i do enjoy the snow but i do not stay outside for a long time because of the coldness there. It was also amazing to see the school children outside during the break time also making snow balls and other objects with the snow like snow man. For now i don’t know for how long will it remain snowy, but one thing is certain and that is the snow will not be like the previous years according to some of my Swedish friends. This type of day will be more than nice to try the Swedish fika especially if you have no class. For now that is just what i am up to, to enjoy fika all day…

Photo credit: Devotha F. Komba



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