Interdisciplinary Reflections on ‘Patents as Capital’: A Short Blog Series




The second PASSIM workshop, entitled ‘Patents as Capital’ was initially planned to take place at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm this autumn. We were enthusiastic over the response to our call for papers, as we received many great contributions from diverse disciplines and national contexts.

Unfortunately, in the midst of final preparations for the workshop, Covid-19 hit the world and it reshuffled our lives and the workshop plans. Now we are hoping to hold the workshop in 2021, either in person or online.

In the meantime, we wanted to initiate an interdisciplinary conversation around the issue of ‘patents as capital’, particularly with the view of highlighting some of the diverse disciplinary perspectives that this topical problem elicits. We invited three workshop participants to reflect on the theme that we will publish a series of blog.

Our hope is that these reflections will introduce and identify some central aspects of the critical issue of ‘patent as capital’. They will also serve as a useful record of some of the key questions raised ahead of the workshop next year.

Our first blog post is written by Vitor Henrique Pinto Ido, PhD candidate at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. It will be published shortly.

We will also publish posts from Susi Geiger, Professor of marketing & market studies, University College Dublin and Erkan Gürpinar, Assistant professor, Social Science University of Ankara.

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