Welcome to our back-to-back workshops!

We’re now just a few days away from hosting our back-to-back workshops: “Patents as Capital” and “Patents in the Service of War and Peace.” “Patents as Capital,” was originally scheduled to take place at the Nobel Museum in September 2020, but of course this proved impossible because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, we had to postpone, and then postpone again. And while the ERC have granted PASSIM an extension that will enable us to do what we initially promised to do, there came a point when the third workshop “Patents in the Service of War and Peace,” also needed to take place. Time between the two seemed to shrink with alarming speed. That’s when we decided to do them back-to-back (on our home turf in Norrköping) and give our participants the opportunity to take part in one or both workshops. On Wednesday, May 11, we begin! And after two years of hybrid events and zoom-seminars, we’re actually back doing everything IRL – in the room. It feels enormously gratifying to meet everybody face to face, to be able to organize a social program and to kick-start, in a weird sort of way, our final year in the project.

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