Welcome to “Patents as Capital” and a brief presentation of the PASSIM-project with PI Eva Hemmungs Wirtén [video]

In 2019, we hosted the first of the altogether three workshops we have planned during the lifetime of the project. Intellectual Property for the Un-disciplined took place in Norrköping between September 10-12 and was devoted to an interdisciplinary dialogue on “doing”  intellectual property scholarship. During 2020 and 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the PASSIM team to rethink and reschedule the project’s planned activities, resulting in workshop two, “Patents as Capital,” and workshop three, “Patents in the Service of War and Peace,” being organized as back-to-back events at Louis De Geer Konsert and Kongress in Norrköping between May 11-13 and May 17-18, 2022. And, here we are now, finally. The video below shows PI Eva Hemmungs Wirtén opening “Patents as Capital”. Over the course of the coming day we will publish video material from the of invited speakers respective talks:

  • Susi Geiger, University College Dublin: “Transparency as a flank movement to patent activism in pharmaceutical markets”
  • Vitor Ido, South Centre Geneva: “Modernity and Nation Building: The politics of patents “with Chinese characteristics
  • Janice Denoncourt, Nottingham Trent University: “Patents as Capital:  Prioritising business model, intangibles and IP rights records and ownership information to support legally mandated corporate reporting”
  • Erkan Gürpınar, University of Ankara: “Thorstein Veblen on Capital as Knowledge: Some Implications for the Knowledge Economy”

We would like to thank LiU communications officer and camera wizard Per Wistobo Nibell for taping and producing the material.

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