Final day of first year!

Posted in: Ethnic and Migration Studies, Life in Sweden, Student Life on 8 June, 2018 by Rachel

Hey everyone!


It’s the final day of the school year today and we are getting ready to give short presentations to REMESO and all of its professors informing them on our project that we have worked on the entire month. Meanwhile, I have been packing my room up and slowly moving out because next year I will live with my best friend and her family until I start my internship in November. I gotta say, the year went by pretty fast, and saying goodbye for the summer isn’t easy.


Last night my friends Jenny, Linnea and I went to Trädgår’n,  a really cute patio bar hidden in the center of Norrköping, and I won a free pair of jeans! (it was a JC Jeans company sponsored event). Here’s some photos from last night, it was beautiful weather.

Gotta get eachother to authentically laugh, you know. For pictures.


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Finish line of year 1

Posted in: Ethnic and Migration Studies, Life in Sweden, Residence Permits on 5 June, 2018 by Rachel

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a couple weeks. Since my last post, my classmates and I have been super busy interviewing teens in Norrkoping on diversity and integration in their schools. It has been a really interesting process and now that we have finally finished interviewing, it is time to edit our article and combine the class’s projects to create our magazine that will be our final project. This experience is good for preparing us for our thesis next year when we may have to interview people. A lot of ethics goes into interviewing, which many of us in my course did not know much about yet because we are from such a diverse background of knowledge. However after this class, we now are more aware of ethics of interviewing and feel more prepared for next year!


Many of you might still be waiting for you student residence permits, if you are, don’t worry. There are a LOT of people requesting permits and extending for next year at the moment, and it can take a few months. But if you have not heard anything from Migrationsverket, that’s a good thing. Good luck! And if you have questions please feel free to comment below.


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It’s gonna be May

Posted in: Ethnic and Migration Studies, Life in Sweden, Residence Permits, Student Life on 14 May, 2018 by Rachel

Tjena allihopa!

So for the last few weeks, the sun has been out almost every day and the weather a comfortable 20-24c (70-76F). Our final class of the year is a group project involving the entire class divided into subgroups who will do individual projects to contribute to an eventual magazine that we will publish. The project is on migrant experience in Sweden. My group is focusing on migrant youth in Norrköping, and their idea of “home”. Most of this class is done outside the classroom, but the few class sessions we do have focus on interviewing techniques and how to successfully and ethically interview people and analyze their responses. We plan on interviewing 6 migrants and 6 Norrköping natives between 15-25 to see how their experience of migration in Norrköping compare and differ.

Just a reminder, if you have not yet applied for your student apartment or Student Residence Permit, do so ASAP! It can take a long time to get your permit approved, and student apartments are in high demand. However, for international students, you have first priority. If you are still undecided, I recommend requesting a room in Dalkarlen. It’s in the middle of the city, close to campus, and you have your own bathroom/shower.


Last week there was an Italian market in the mall in the middle of town, with tons of fun authentic Italian foods, cheeses, and desserts. Here’s a couple pics from the market

I’m not sure what I actually ate, but those red things were supposedly peaches filled with Nutella. mmmm.

THIS BURGER THOUGH. Gorgonzola and walnut. Not so Italian but I can’t say no to Gorgonzola. Maybe the gorgonzola was the Italian part actually… anyways. Good.


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Oh, the places you should go

Posted in: Allmän on 3 May, 2018 by Rachel

So now that I have a bit more spending money, I have been able to check out more cool places in Norrköping. A lot of the places is Norrköping are hidden gems, since the outside of the buildings generally look the same.

One place I can recommend going for true Swedish food and a good beer (some even brewed in Norrköping) is Pub och Krubb, which opened in October 2017. It’s a really nice, cozy, hidden away pub near the student housing unit Gripen.  This restaurant is also on Resq app, an app where restaurants can post food leftover from the day at a discounted price, usually about 45 sek at Pub och Krubb.


Also, there’s Domino. Domino is a venue similar to Arbis which you will hear about often, but it’s more hidden and grungier. I like it. Don’t take “grungy” to be dirty because it’s not, it’s just a little less party-ish than Arbis.


And the final hidden gem I have found is Restaurang Knäppingen. This is located smack dab in the center of where our classes are, between the main student building in Norrköping and Trappan, the student hangout place. It’s a really cute brewery and restaurant with a cozy outdoor patio with nice lighting for the warmer months. Inside is spacious as well. Definitely check it out!


And here’s one more picture from 9:00pm last night. The sun is up approximately 5.5 hours longer than it was back in January already, and by June it won’t even set all the way at night.


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When life starts feeling normal

Posted in: Ethnic and Migration Studies, jobs, Life in Sweden, Student Life on 2 May, 2018 by Rachel

So after a huge move, even if it is temporary, you gotta expect life to be pretty crazy and filled with surprises and plenty of ups and downs in the first few months. Learning how to use the trams, busses, getting your ID, and everything else you have to do down to learning how to grocery shop in another language are all things you’ll have to tackle right when you get here, which can seem pretty daunting.


If I can offer advice to you future students, it would be to not rush into trying to feel “settled” too soon, and just remember that it does take time and that eventually, you will feel right at home in Sweden. After all , you’re basically setting up a new life and going to school all at once. But I got more good news this week, I have been offered a second extra job (Sweden has a lot of “extra” jobs, where they schedule you as needed), at a bar that I love. So now, I have dog walking, babysitting, a dishwashing job, and if all goes well, a bartending job. I had stopped applying for jobs a few months ago because I didn’t think anybody would want to hire somebody who was leaving for the summer, but it turns out there are places that are flexible, especially when hiring for “extra” work.


If you can, moving here earlier in August rather than right before classes start might help you to get settled in, as well as have the upper hand in finding a part time job as a student before the open positions left by summer workers get filled. Good luck! And please, feel free to leave a comment or DM me on my instagram (rachelbulgach) if you have questions about student life.


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