International Criticism Award for RepRecDigit

Just announced is the winner of “The N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature” (, recently founded by the Electronic Literature Organization. And the price went to the new book by Johannes Heldén and Håkan Jonson, Evolution (OEI editör 2014), in which RepRecDigit contributes with four essays (the other two by John Cayley and Maria Engberg), interspersed into the blocks of code, poetry, photographs, and statistics that make up the rest of the book part of this innovative intermedial work (the digital part can be found here: Here an excerpt from the motivation for the award:

“Evolution” by Johannes Heldén & Håkan Jonson, wrote one Jurist, “an interesting critical-creative experiment. . . . [that] captures the boundary crossing spirit of the ELO.” Another wrote that “Evolution” “is both a work of literature and multi-voiced, multi-modal criticism.” Another wrote that “this collection of seven short critical responses to the generative poem Evolution by Johannes Heldén and Håkan Jonson plays with the genre of criticism by enclosing the essays within over 200 pages of code. . . .  Each of the essays in this collection is poetic and thought-provoking in its own way. . . .  The rest of the book is left to the code itself, and to logs of its output. Perhaps the book was written, compiled, designed by Evolution itself. Even the table of contents looks like computer code, laid out the way that a piece of software might prefer.  I’m ranking this book first on my list because of its challenges to the form of criticism – there is a creativity and unexpectedness in the way that these responses to the text are presented that is very engaging and that contributes to the work and to the field in general.”

The RepRecDigit-contributions to the book can be read on this site. You find them here:


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