Jessica Pressman’s article on Electronic Literature as Comparative Literature

In a new article by Jessica Pressman in The 2014 – 2015 Report on the State of the Discipline of Comparative Literature she writes about the importance to understand Electronic literature as Comperative Literature. In a discerning way Pressman points out both what is unique about Electronic literature and what the benefits are to approach Electronic literature comparatively, what we have to gain from comparing it to earlier literary traditions, such as modernism etc. But the real crux of the matter is Pressmans argumentation for the need of “a paradigmatic shift within the discipline of Comparative Literature”. What she chose to call “a medial turn”, where we acknowledge that we no longer only can compare language and text but also need to compare media formats, the technologies and “ecologies that support them”.

You can find her article here: And the report in whole here:

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