Keynote presentations from Digital Disseminations, in Skövde

A few weeks ago, from Dec 3rd to 4th, RepRecDigit and The University of Skövde arranged the two-day seminar and workshop »Digital Dissemination and its Others: Media Archaeology, Game Design and Knowledge Production in the Humanities». Keynote speakers were Cheryl E. Ball, University of West Virginia, and Marcel O’Gorman, University of Waterloo, Ontario. We are very proud to be able to present for all of you recordings of their keynote addresses.

Vega, an upcoming publishing tool. From Cheryl Ball’s presentation

Marcel O’Gorman


Cheryl Ball: An Archipelago of Multimedia Publishing 

Marcel O’Gorman: Arts, Humanities and the Critical Media Lab



A very special thanks to Johani Karonen and Matts Larsson, at IT Service, University of Skövde, for assisting us with the recordings.


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