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Digital Dissemination and Its Others …

UPDATE –Here’s the program of the workshop: SCHEDULE_Digital Disseminations   On December 3–4, 2015, RepRecDigit organizes the symposium “Digital Dissemination and Its Others: Media Archaeology, Game Design, and Knowledge Production in the Humanities” at Skövde University. Accepted keynote speakers are Cheryl Ball from the University of West Virginia, and Marcel O’Gorman from University of Waterloo, Ontario. We […]

RepRecDigit and Field at HUMlab X

On March 31, 2015, RepRecDigit collaborated with Johannes Heldén in an event in relation to the release of Heldén’s new interactive installation Field. The installation was the finale of Heldén’s stay at HUMlab X as artist in residence in March. The topics of the talks and conversations ranged from digital poetry and hyperobjects to early […]

RepRecDigit in action

February 9-10 th: The research group is gathered in Sigtuna for two days to update their ongoing projects. 2015 looks like exciting times for RepRecDigit – keep an eye open!

Post Digital Scholarship Conference

On November 12–14, 2014 the post digital scholar conference in Lüneburg, Germany, will take place, under the rubric “Publishing Between Open Access, Piracy, and Public Spheres” ( Seven sessions on everything from the future of writing to hybrid publishing as well as a concluding workshop will fill the three days. Among many interesting speakers invited are […]