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RepRecDigit Presentation at Linköping University.

On May 14, the – in this context – well-known research project Representations and Reconfigurations of the Digital in Swedish Literature and Art, 1950–2010 was presented at Linköping University. Since it is, at this very moment, a little premature to report on the reception and long lasting effects of the seminar, one can at least contend that the talks […]

New Reference Book on New Media.

Just out is The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media from the mentioned press, edited by Marie-Laure Ryan, Lori Emerson, and Benjamin J. Robertson. It is an impressive volume in which a huge number of scholars from the whole world present a huge number of ideas (150 entries). As readers we are brought from ”Algorithm” to ”Writing under Constraint”. […]

Workshop on Time and Media.

Last week, on May 5–6, at Åkeshovs slot, Stockholm, the research network Times of Mediatization, financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, organized the first in a three-part workshop devoted to questions of media and temporality. The workshop raised many intriguing and complex questions on the phenomenological experience of time, on how different temporalities are gathered and processed in different media, how media […]