Cecilia Lindhé

Cecilia LindhéCecilia Lindhé is Assistant Professor at, and Director of, HUMlab, Umeå University in Sweden. Lindhé holds a PhD (2008) in Comparative Literature from Uppsala University and she has continuously been working with issues that involve digital research infrastructure, information technology and pedagogy. Her current research spans ancient/medieval rhetorical and aesthetic theory in relation to digital materiality, digital representation of cultural heritage, screen culture and digital literature and art.

Cecilia’s blogs: Cecilia Lindhé and Digital Ekphrasis

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In RepRecDigit, Lindhé will engage in the project ”Electronic literature and art in Sweden 1950-2010”. The aim of this study is three-folded. It seeks to map out the development of the genre of digital literature in Sweden 1950–2010, perform close readings of selected works, and establish an online archive.



Jakob Lien

Jakob LienJakob Lien is PhD student in the research group Literature, Media History, and Information Cultures, placed at the Department of Culture and Communication (IKK) at Linköping University. He holds two master’s degrees in Comparative Literature and Publishing Studies, Stockholm University. His research interests include media history, the impact of media technologies on the writer and reader function, typewriter poetry and digital humanities.

Lien’s PhD project is a part of RepRecDigit and has two, closely linked, main focuses: to trace and analyze how the digital is represented in printed literature and art, 1950-2010, as themes and motifs such as the relation man-machine, AI, utopian and dystopian descriptions of computer technology etc, but also on a survey of the critical reception of the digital in a cultural context such as newspapers, debates, and magazines (Gorilla, Rondo, BLM etc.).

Twitter: @JakobLien




Jesper Olsson

Jesper OlssonJesper Olsson is LiU Research Fellow and Associate Professor in Comparative Literature at the Department of Culture and Communication, Linköping University, where he runs the research group Literature, Media History, and Information Cultures.
His research focuses on the relationship between aesthetic practices and media history, and he has written extensively on contemporary poetry and the history of the avant-garde; his latest book is Remanens. Bandspelaren som re-pro-du-dak-tionsteknologi (2011). Olsson is also a literary critic at Svenska Dagbladet, founder and editorial member of the journal OEI, and a member of HUMTANK, a Swedish think tank aimed at promoting the role of the Humanities in the public debate


Twitter: @jesperoliu


In RepRecDigit, Olsson will lead and coordinate the project, and he will also contribute with two essays dealing with digitization and post-digital aesthetics.



Jonas Ingvarsson

Jonas IngvarssonJonas Ingvarsson is Associate Professor Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration at Skövde University. He holds a PhD (2003) in Comparative Literature from Gothenburg University. His research interests include posthumanism, cybernetics, media history and media archaeology, especially the relation between digital culture and premodern aesthetics.

He is also a member of HUMTANK, a national Swedish think tank aimed at promoting the role of the Humanities in the public debate.

Webpage (mostly in Swedish, and not frequently updated):

Twitter: @doktorcyborg


In RepReciDigit, Ingvarsson will focus on »Digital Epistemology», a concept developed to investigate more abstract relations between the digital and print culture.