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Bus Connections

To the University

There are good bus connections between Resecentrum (the train station and bus terminal) and Campus Valla. Catch a number 12, 20 (rush hours only), 2 or 4 bus towards Mjärdevi/Lambohov (approx 10-20 min). For number 12 or 20 get off at Vallfarten/Mäster Mattias väg* and for number 2 or 4 get off at Nobeltorget. See map of the Valla Campus.

* Note that the number 12 stops at Vallfarten during the mornings only. After approx 12 noon it stops at Mäster Mattias väg instead. See map of the Valla Campus.

From the University

Catch a number 12 bus (or 20 rush hours only) to Resecentrum at the busstop Vallfarten/Mäster Mattias väg* or a number 2 or 4 at the busstop Nobeltorget. See map of the Valla Campus.

* Note that the number 12 bus goes via Mäster Mattias väg during the morning and after 6 pm but between noon and 6 pm it goes via Vallfarten. See map of the Valla Campus.

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Bus Tickets

Note that you cannot pay by cash on the bus, so you need to buy a ticket (30 kr single) before you get on, either from a green Quickomat machine (on the train platform), over the counter in the bus waiting room or at a Pressbyrån shop (e.g. in the station building). At the university campus there is also a Pressbyrån shop and a green Quickomat machine outside the Zenit Building (facing the Corso/the Origo Building).

Read more about these and alternative means of payment.