Paper submission


Update: Thank you for your submissions. We have received a number of excellent submissions and the full program will be available soon.

Papers should be submitted to the RepRecDigit 2017 Easy Chair Website

The topics of this event are derived from the questions that have been asked and explored throughout the project. The conference subtitle suggests four aspects of these explorations: The actual representation in art and literature; Aesthetic forms and critical reflec­tions; The material sites for writing and reading texts; and New interfaces for dissemination.

Thus, we especially invite presentations (20+10 min) and panels (3 x 15 + 15 mins) covering one or more of the following topics:

  • Media archaeological perspectives on literature, art and digital media
  • Digital epistemology
  • Digital works of art and electronic literature
  • Post-digital aesthetics and analogue nostalgia
  • Practise-based research in digital art and culture
  • Digital culture and premodern aesthetics
  • Algorithmic criticism and poetics
  • Interfaces of the Humanities – labs, platforms and open access

Abstracts for conference papers are submitted to the conference organisers, not to individual sessions. We will refer all relevant abstracts to the session organisers as we receive them.