A day in Oslo

Posted in: Travelling on 26 May, 2018 by Sacha

As I wrote in my previous post, I recently went on a mini-roadtrip in which I went to Oslo for a day. Here are some pictures from the trip! It was super nice to see Oslo, and since I was only there for one day it was also not too expensive. I brought some food from Sweden, which helped, because it is true what they say: Norway is really quite expensive.



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Two days in Gothenburg

Posted in: Travelling on 23 May, 2018 by Sacha

I recently took a mini-roadtrip. I had a meeting in Gothenburg, and since I had never been there before, I decided to stay an extra day. Then, I decided to go to Oslo from there, as it was only 3.5 hours by bus from Gothenburg. Here are a few pictures from my time in Gothenburg!


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Dutch King’s Day event at Linköping Airport

Posted in: Events on 21 May, 2018 by Sacha

Linköping has a small airport, but it has very little destinations. The main destination is Amsterdam, although in the summer there are some more places to fly to. Because of its connection to Amsterdam, it is easy to fly to the Netherlands and many other places all over the world through the network of KLM. Because Amsterdam is the main destination, KLM recently hosted a King’s day event at the airport. Dutch King’s Day is on the 27th of April. I decided to go to the event. For the occasion, the airport was decorated with a lot of orange and Dutch flags. We got some information about Dutch flowers, we did a Dutch beer tasting session and we got to eat some Dutch food! It was quite fun to experience a bit of Dutchness here in Sweden.



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Nearing the end…

Posted in: Studying on 19 May, 2018 by Sacha

I will be honest here: writing a thesis is not that easy. A minimum of 27.000 words (in my program)  that of course also need to make sense – it is quite an extensive process. I am slowly getting closer to finishing, but there is still a lot of work left to do. I am hoping to finish before Midsummer, which is on the 22nd of June. That means that there is about a month left, which is pretty scary. I am currently trying to tie things together so that it actually make sense. Sometimes it is all quite stressful! Because I have so much writing to be done, this is just a short update. Those that are defending there thesis this semester are really almost done: they are supposed to hand their thesis in next week Sunday, and then defend on the 7th and the 8th of June. I am defending in September, so my actual deadline is in August. However, since I have other plans in summer, I really hope to be done before June ends! We will see how it goes, however.


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Borrowing comic books at the library

Posted in: Life in Sweden on 16 May, 2018 by Sacha

In the Netherlands a library card is free when you are underage. However, when you turn 18, you have to start paying, although it is a fairly low amount (around 350 SEK/35 euros a year). I used to go to libraries very often, but since I turned 18 and moved to another city, I never became a member. However, when I moved to Sweden, I decided to get a library card again, as it is free here! (though you do need a personnummer, which you get if you stay in Sweden for over a year)

In this post, I thought I’d share a few comic books that I recently borrowed at the library. I was never really into comic books before, but that was mainly because they are often quite expensive for the time you spend with them, as you read through them so quickly – but that makes them perfect to get at a library! I mostly read comics related to queer/feminist issues – those with an LGBTQ+ theme are quite easy to locate since the library created a specific rainbow shelf, which I still really appreciate. But there are a lot of different comics for everyone, with all kinds of different themes! Make sure you use this opportunity when you find yourself in Linköping 🙂 And did you know that you can also study at the library? There are various study places, though you might have to come there on time to make sure you get a spot!


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Sacha Bogaers

Sacha Bogaers
Hello everybody!
My name is Sacha, I am from the Netherlands and I recently came to Linköping to study gender studies.
I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in Linköping and Sweden. I hope that living here will give me the opportunity to see more of this beautiful country!

MSSc Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change

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