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LiU and Languages

Posted in category: General on 18 November, 2019


Being part of an International Master’s programme at LiU has been an incredibly rewarding experience so far and one thing I have developed an appreciation for is the sharing of knowledge and experiences among students in my class. Our class has a very diverse makeup, comprising of students from all over the world. Through classroom discussions and conversations over a beer or two, I have come to admire them for many things but one thing in particular is their ability to speak multiple languages. Many of them come from non-English speaking countries and are undertaking a master’s programme in their second, and in some cases third language, which I find to be an amazing accomplishment. Something I cannot say I would or could do.

This is both motivating and also a little bit embarrassing from my perspective. I come from a country where bilingualism is not really prioritised in the public school system and in addition, Australians and perhaps other English speaking countries too, have a mindset that others will speak English when it is us who we are in their country. Now, I know there are reasons for this but nonetheless, it is a motivation for why I want to study Swedish and make an effort to learn the native language to the best of my ability.

Being an international student at LiU makes me eligible for free Swedish language courses and I recommend to anyone else to take up this offer. LiU place a real importance on bilingualism and this is evident through the offering of free Swedish language courses for international students and through the fact that they offer a substantial number of master’s programmes in English.

I am currently studying Swedish (level B:1) and I am hoping that by the completion of my degree that I will have become close to fluent in Swedish and that it may even kickstart an interest in other languages too.

Har det så bra!




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Studying at LiU – Initial Impressions

Posted in category: University on 11 November, 2019


I thought it would be useful to share some of my observations so far and how it compares to my previous studies in Australia.

But firstly, it snowed for the first time this week! It wasn’t much but I was amazed how a blanket of snow can transform the look of a city.  I’ve added some photos below of Linköping and Vånga (small town about 40 minutes from Linköping).

Now, one thing I’ve observed and have been very impressed with is the collaboration among students at LiU. Collaborative work is a big thing here and this is evident everywhere I look at Campus Valla, I walk into any building and students are usually sitting in groups discussing concepts and working together. This may not seem like a significant observation to some but when I studied in Melbourne, it was very much an ‘every person for themselves’ mentality, myself included. I would always find a quiet place to study by myself and do all the necessary preparation for seminars and assignments individually.

This approach won’t really get you far at LiU, I cannot speak for all the courses but the structure of my course and the way the classes are run makes it very difficult to work individually and so it should. In the International and European Relations program we are always expected to contribute to classroom discussions, work in groups and respectfully challenge each other’s work. For example, this can range from class discussions on how to theoretically explain the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement to, critiquing a classmate’s assignment on a water-distribution treaty between India and Pakistan.

The emphasis on group work and effective collaboration is one thing I have come to realise the importance of, firstly because it is an incredibly necessary skill to have when entering the work force and secondly, you will learn far more effectively through collaboration and discussions with your fellow peers. In my opinion, effective collaboration among students is something that some other institutions don’t endorse with too much enthusiasm and that is why I have been so impressed with the high level of collaboration LiU is able to foster in students, which speaks volumes for the learning culture at LiU.



Ha det så bra!




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Introduction – First Blog

Posted in category: General on 4 November, 2019

Hello All,

Welcome to my first blog post as an International Student Ambassador! I hope you will find the content I share with you helpful. I will endeavour to make them as interesting and original as I possibly can. First and foremost, I will write about my studies and the university but will continually touch on things such as what life is like in Linköping; the best places to visit in Östergötland (county of Sweden in which Linköping is the capital); the contrast in academics, environmental sustainability and social life between Sweden and Australia; and of course, the best places to enjoy a beer!

A little bit about myself first, I am 24 years old and from Melbourne, Australia. In Melbourne, I studied a double degree in Commerce & International Studies at Deakin University before starting a graduate position at a US based private company. After a year, I came to the realisation that the private sector was not for me and made the decision to further my studies, subsequently deciding on LiU. So after convincing my girlfriend to come along, we set off for Sweden in May of this year.

I started at LiU two months ago and chose it due to the quality and content of the program (International & European Relations). My experience so far has been great, from the quality of the teaching to the wonderful landscapes of Linköping and the greater region of Östergötland. I will touch on my academic experience so far in greater detail in my next blog.

And now, after enjoying a summer of relatively warm days and long nights, daylight savings has just ended and the cold and darkness is now upon us. So I thought to cheer myself up from that depressing thought, I would share with you my three favourite photos of Linköping in the Summer and early Autumn.


Linköping Cathedral


Berg Slussar



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