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Ice Hockey and LHC

Posted in category: General on 19 December, 2019


You can easily become a little bit sad in the Winter, with little sun and cold weather, you need to find things to do in order to distract yourself from the constant darkness. Linköping offers many different activities but one thing that I have enjoyed doing is attending the ice hockey.

LHC (Linköping Hockey Club) is the local team and they play at home (SAAB Arena) quite often. I have attended several games this season and it is great fun. As a student you can purchase tickets for roughly, 80SEK (8 EURO). LHC draw pretty good crowds to their games so there is a really good atmosphere, especially when LHC are winning.

If you are someone who has no knowledge of ice hockey, whatsoever (like me), I recommend doing what I did – befriending a Swede and go with them to the game. That way, they will be able to explain to you the quirky rules of icing and offside (you can discuss this at the bar between periods).

The game itself is quite physical and for me, I enjoy seeing big shoulder-to-shoulder hits as it reminds me of Australian Football. Although, I have been told that the Swedish league (SHL) is not as physical as the American league (NHL), partly due to the NHL playing on a smaller rink, making it more chaotic but also partly due to the teams in the SHL being a bit more disciplined.

If you’re a sports enthusiast or even if you are not, I recommend going to watch the mighty LHC at SAAB Arena.




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Christmas in Sweden (Part 1)

Posted in category: General on 12 December, 2019

With only two weeks until Christmas I thought I’d share with you what it is like to be in Linköping during the month of December. The Swedes have many Christmas traditions that I am hoping to experience. St Lucia Day officially marks the start of Christmas on December 13 but the Swedish people get into the Christmas spirit, well and truly, before then. Christmas is celebrated on the night of 24th December (Julafton) with a smorgasbord of traditional Swedish foods. I hope to tell you about these events in more detail after Christmas when I have experienced them for the first time but for now, I will continue with my experiences so far.

The Linköping Christmas markets are on every weekend in December and is located at Gamla (old) Linköping. I recommend buying a cup Swedish Glögg (which is a mulled wine essentially) and walking around all the different stalls. At the markets you can buy many traditional Christmas decorations and food but you also get to experience Gamla Linköping in all its glory. The best time to visit is between 14:00 and 16:00 as that is when the sun is setting and all the Christmas lights are being turned on (see some pictures below).

It is essential that you also buy some Christmas decorations to have in your apartment or room. As December is the darkest month you will need to buy some Christmas lights and candles to ensure your spirits remain high.

Linköping in December is beautiful and uplifting. There are Christmas decorations everywhere and every main street in town is lit up. It’s an amazing place to be in the lead up to Christmas.

God Jul (Merry Christmas)


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UF Events

Posted in category: University on 12 December, 2019


One thing that I have really enjoyed while at LiU has been attending events held by the Student Association of Foreign Affairs (UF). These events will usually cover topics and issues that are relevant and prominent in society today. I have been incredibly impressed by the speakers the association has been able to organise because they are either very well respected in their discipline or hold very important positions. For example, I attended an event a few weeks ago on Chinese-Swedish relations and the guest speaker was the Chinese Ambassador to Sweden!

The Chinese Ambassador to Sweden spoke for about 40 minutes (with a translator) and then answered the audience’s questions. The fact that an LiU student association was able to organise a speaker that holds such a position, I think, shows how well respected the university it is.

Another UF event I attended was about Swedish arms exports which was incredibly insightful and thought-provoking. The speaker was from the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society which is a non-governmental organisation that is primarily focused on peace, disarmament and democratisation. It was interesting to learn about Sweden’s role in the trade of weapons. Sweden is country that has an international reputation for being a neutral, peaceful and tolerant society that has a strong international presence regarding the promotion of international peace and human rights. But Sweden is also a major weapons exporter which is in direct conflict with their international reputation. For instance, Sweden is the biggest contributor of aid to Yemen but also exports arms to coalition partners which essentially facilitates the war in Yemen to some extent.

These are only some examples of the issues and topics the UF events cover and if you are interested in attending UF Events, all you have to do is sign up as a member (50SEK or 5 EURO for one year), which is great value considering they supply sandwiches and coffee at their events. Or if you aren’t interested in foreign affairs there are plenty of other student associations at LiU so you are bound to find one that is of interest or appeals to you. 



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