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Weekend Trip – Vadstena

Posted in category: General on 28 January, 2020

The beautiful lake-side town of Vadstena is a must visit for anyone studying or living in Linköping. Only 45 minutes (by car) from Linköping is the centuries old town, famous for its almost 500 year old castle built by King Gustav I and the Vadstena Abbey which is even older. But the town has much more to offer than its history, especially in the summer time. The lake in which Vadstena is situated next to is Sjön Vättern which is the second biggest lake in Sweden. The town is usually buzzing in June and July – there are several bars where you can sit outside enjoy a beer and soak up the many hours of sun.

I have visited Vadstena on several occasions and I think the best way to highlight the beauty of it is through photos. Below are some pictures taken in both the summer and winter months.

It is accessible by public transport, from Linköping Rescentrum you can catch a train to Motala and then from Motala, a bus to Vadstena. It will take about an hour and 15 minutes roughly, to reach Vadstena. You can buy a 2-hour youth ticket for 50kr.





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Coffee and Cafes in Linköping

Posted in category: General on 20 January, 2020

Coming from Melbourne, which I and many others regard as the coffee capital of the world, I have high standards when it comes to a good cup of coffee so you can imagine my dismay when I was greeted with the concept of bryggcafe (filtered coffee). Most swedes like to drink normal filtered coffee both at home and at cafes because it is easy to make at home and in cafes, you get free refills.

One can still purchase a latte, cappuccino, flat-white etc. at cafes BUT, and perhaps I am just being bias, they do not compare to a Melbourne coffee. It has been a difficult 7 months without having had a good extra shot latte but I do admit, I have started to enjoy a cup or two of ‘bryggcafe’, especially at the local cafes.

In Linköping there are great places to enjoy a fika. There are many hidden cafes that I would not have found if it were not for friends telling me about them. For example, Babettes and Simon’s Roastery & Bakery (pictures below). I have made a habit of going to these places to study, I can spend hours there refilling my cup with filtered coffee and enjoying a freshly baked cinnamon bun (kanel bulle). I see many other students doing this too whether it is at one of the aforementioned cafes or the big Swedish coffee chain, Espresso House. It is a really good idea in the Winter to study at cafes because it encourages people to get out their house/apartment.

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Sweden vs Australia (Education)

Posted in category: University on 13 January, 2020

After living in Sweden for seven months, I have become more aware of the differences and similarities between the two countries both in terms of education and culture.

Regarding the former, I think that further education in Sweden and I could perhaps generalise further and say Northern Europe, is considered a right. Students have a right no matter their socio-economic background or ethnicity to attend university and have the freedom to study what they like. They are encouraged to attend university and then once there, supported both financially and mentally.

By comparing Australia and Sweden, I have come to understand that Australian students are not afforded the same support or encouragement by the state. As an Australian student, one must pay for their studies either upfront or by taking out a government loan and usually, must work while studying to support themselves financially. I have known friends who did not complete their studies or did not even consider studying due to the financial strain it causes.

I have much admiration for the education system in Sweden, from the state’s role in supporting students to the quality of education universities, in particular Linköping University, is able to deliver. I have come to see education and more specifically, higher education, as an opportunity that should be made more accessible to everyone. Australia could learn a lot from Sweden in terms of education, especially when it comes to supporting their students financially and consequently, mentally.


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