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Posted in: University on 10 March, 2020 by Sebastian

As I have mentioned previously, as a Linköping University master’s student you are entitled to free Swedish courses. I have taken full advantage of this and I am currently studying Swedish B1 level 2. I thought I would share with you some tips that have helped me to improve my Swedish (both speaking and listening).

Besides obviously attending classes every week and doing the necessary tasks, I have found that the following two tips are incredibly effective in trying to enhance one’s Swedish proficiency.

1) Listen to podcasts – one thing Sweden does very well is encouraging those who have recently moved to Sweden to learn the language and they provide them with the necessary resources to achieve this. One good example is the wide range of podcasts provided by the Swedish national broadcaster, Sveriges Radio. One podcast I listen to every day is ‘Radio Sweden på lätt Svenska’ which roughly translates to ‘Radio Sweden in easy Swedish’. This podcast basically talks about current affairs in easy to understand Swedish and they talk at a reasonable pace too, unlike your average Swede who talks at a ridiculously fast pace …

2) Befriend a Swede or several – the best way to learn is to challenge yourself and a good way to do this is to just speak the language as often as you can with other Swedes (provided they have the patience). I have been trying to just speak Swedish with my Swedish friends and although I make plenty of mistakes, my confidence is rapidly increasing and I am now more inclined to speak Swedish in public. Now this is easier said than done because the Swedes are brilliant at speaking English so it is very easy to fall into the trap of speaking English with them.

Obviously, these two tips can be applied to most languages but I think they are specifically relevant and effective in regard to learning Swedish.



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