Congratulations to Newly Admitted Students!

Posted in: General on 19 April, 2020 by Sebastian

Congratulations to everyone who has been admitted to Linköping University. I can recall this time last year when I was notified of my admission to LiU and how incredibly excited I was. But in saying that, I was also rather nervous. It is a big commitment to move to another country but to those of you who are feeling nervous, perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that the experience I have had so far has been amazing and I would not change it for anything.

I instantly started to plan when I was notified of my admission. I decided to leave Australia in late May so I could soak up the summer sun in Sweden, I visited several different cities (Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm and Örebro). I arrived in Linköping in early August after securing an apartment and immediately started to explore the city. Arriving a few weeks before the start of the semester allowed me to experience a buzzing town square where makeshift outside bars had been built and it was constantly packed with people. I also explored areas outside of Linköping like Berg and Vadstena (Berg is in biking distance).

And for those of you who are worried about accommodation, don’t be. I know that is easier said than done but there is plenty of time to secure accommodation. Start by registering with the appropriate student housing companies and join Facebook groups  (Lägenheter i Linköping, for example). I found my accommodation on that Facebook group.

Below are some photos of my Swedish travels before commencing my studies at LiU.

Congratulations once again to those who have been admitted!







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Sebastian Westley

Hello, my name is Sebastian and I have recently moved to Linköping from Melbourne, Australia to study International and European Relations.
I am a keen traveler and lover of sports. Follow my blog to enjoy my travels within Sweden, life in Linköping and my experiences studying at LiU.

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