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One Year at LiU

Posted in category: University on 6 June, 2020

As we approach the end of the semester I find myself reflecting on my first year as a student at Linköping University. It has been a year filled with new experiences, great food, awesome company and also, a few stresses. The programme itself  exceeded my initial expectations, the teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging, the content is relevant and engaging and the people are friendly and fun.

I have been really impressed by the programme, specifically the way it is structured and taught. It is designed to give students the best opportunity to write a strong thesis in the final semester. Social research methods are a significant part of the course content and although it is not the most exciting of topics, our teachers stress the importance of having a strong understanding of what research entails and the different methods that facilitate good research. Research methods are an important component in writing a Master thesis and by realising the importance of it well in advance to writing our thesis, it gives us the best opportunity to do well. This is just another example of LiU having the students’ best interests at heart and it certainly contributes to the appeal of my programme and to the appeal of Linköping University too.

My favourite part of the programme so far though was the study trip to Brussels, not only was it an amazing learning opportunity but it was great fun too. It is a great feature of the Master of International and European Relations programme. See below some pictures from the study trip.

It has been an amazing academic year and I cannot wait to comeback next semester and do it all over again.

I really hope my photography has improved over the course of me writing these blogs. It is certainly a skill I need to improve on 🙂




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