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Sorry for not having written a lot the last month: I was partly working on my thesis, partly being frustrated about my thesis and partly trying to ignore my thesis. But…..I handed it in yesterday! What’s now left is defending my thesis next week during a seminar. Today was unwinding today, which I did by going to Blå Lagunen with some friends. The name might sound too tropical for Sweden, but it’s most fitting as Sweden is at this moment very tropical. Actually, I have never witnessed such a beautiful spring like this. If you would have told me before that I could go swimming in Swedish lakes in the month of May, I would laughed. Especially after such a hard winter.

But enough about to weather: I will tell you a bit more about my master thesis, which dealth with the topic of consumer responsibilities, in some blogposts that I will write and add the coming days. These will be added retrospectively, so they don’t appear first on the list.

For now….have a good evening!


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Jag har hittat en sommarjobb i Sverige!

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Perhaps you can translate the title above, but if you can’t here is the translation: I have found a summer job in Sweden! Which means I’m staying in this beautiful country until the end of September. Knowing that summer is by far the best season in Scandinavia, I’m really excited about this new yet brief episode in my life.

A downside is that I have to leave Linköping: yet as most of my friends are also leaving in June, I don’t consider this something truly negative. I’m exchanging one of Sweden’s metropoles for the small(eighty inhabitants small, that is) town of Kvikkjokk in Norrbotten, the northernmost province. There I will work in a so-called ‘fjällstation’, which could be roughly translated as ‘mountain inn’. In the position of ‘fjälllvärd’ (host) I will help out in the kitchen, receive guests (most weary hikers), and do small chores on the side. The remoteness of Kvikkjokk and the proximity of Sarek National Park make it an ideal place for soul-searching and thinking about my future. Besides, I’ll experience a few weeks of midnight sun, as Kvikkjokk is located north of the polar circle. There have been rumours too about mosquitoes by a major nuisance in the north of Sweden: something I look not forward to experience myself. A Dutch friend of mine, who will be my colleague this summer, told me that I should take off all my clothes and lie in the grass during the first day of my arrival, and get stung subsequently: this way I’d be ‘fine’ for the rest of the summer. I’m a bit reluctant about this…

While it’s summerish in Linköping, the ice on the Tarra river is slowly beginning to melt. What further awaits is plenty of wildlife (mooses, wolverines, brown bears and reindeers roam the surroundings), hiking adventures, quite some solitude and a family feeling, as I’ll have ten colleagues that I live with for 3,5 months.

Source: Kvikkjokk fjällstation Facebook-page.


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International dinner: it had to happen at some point

Posted in: Allmän on 26 April, 2018 by Sjoerd

It’s just slight more than a month before I have to hand in my Master thesis, yet there’s still time for relaxation every now and then. The group of people that congregate for lunch at Zenit (affectionately called ‘Los Zenitos’) have started to organize weekly dinners and other activities. It feels already if the final countdown has started, just when I start to feel really at ease in Linköping. Yesterday was the very first one, hosted by an Austrian, an Italian and two Germans. While enjoying pizza, flammkuchen, apfelstrüdel and other dough dishes, I got myself a proper haircut. (Photo credits to Oliver Stängl and Alessia de Biase)



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A very short but necessary one…

Posted in: Allmän on 20 April, 2018 by Sjoerd


If you are coming to Linköping University next year and you are curious about life in a Swedish city, studying at the LiU, then I recommend you to watch the webinar below. Perhaps it will solve a few mysteries for you. 😉



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Copenhagen and Lund

Posted in: Allmän on 18 April, 2018 by Sjoerd


Although I’m in the middle of pinpointing the subject of my Master thesis, doing a little trip to Copenhagen and Lund was on my list for a long time already. Knowing that there won’t (most likely) be more chances to go around this spring, I enjoyed a lot. Lund surprised me positively with a beautiful city center and an amazing Couchsurfing-host. Copenhagen was a completely different experience, as the place somehow reminded me of both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Only downside of the Danish capital: the price of a cappuccino is very high, and converting Danish krona to Euros is a different cookie. Enjoy the pictures!

Even the old and disabled trees are taken care off by the Swedish Healthcare System (Botanic Garden in Lund).


Lund used to be city of the royal family, and this is where the king resided.


When photographing something iconic as a philosopher, always take the meta-perspective. 😉


Apparently Sören Kierkegaard is buried in this jungle of a graveyard.


Copenhagen’s architecture is surprising and playful, with this fairytale castle as prime example.




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