Summer in Sweden

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A lot of Swedish families have a garden in their houses. They usually spend much time in garden work.

I have a little garden with some roses. It is exciting to plant and expect for blossom.






































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Cheap potato

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I cannot imagine we can buy baby potato with such a cheap price.

As we all know, it is quite expensive to have vegetables and fruits here in Sweden. However, on middle summer day, you can have fresh potatoes at incredible low price, 1 kr/kg!

You can not miss this chance!










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The Midsummer Festival here means the longest day in the year. The length of day time is reduced by


3 minutes daily after midsummer summer.

When you see the Swedes holding hands, singing and dancing frog songs in the park  happily on midsummer day, midsummer carnival begins.


Traditional Midsummer cuisine is marinated squid with a variety of flavored sauces, smoked salmon, boiled potatoes and Swedish sweets are usually fresh Swedish strawberries.




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We graduated!!!

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We had our farewell ceremony for master program last week at Kårhuset Kollektivet. A roll call and several wonderful performances were included in the ceremony.

Thanks for our teachers’ utmost support and academic suggestions until now!
Thanks for classmates’ help and family’s encouragement!
We are graduating from Liu and we are so proud of being graduates of Liu!


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National Day

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Every year, the king and queen of Sweden participate in the national ceremony held at the Skaneson Open Air Museum in Stockholm.

The flagpole raises the yellow and blue Swedish flag. The children dressed in traditional peasant costumes give the kings and couples summer bouquets. There will also be a grand celebration at the city hall and the palace. Celebrate Sweden’s birthday with the royal family!

If you are not in Stockholm, it is also interesting to participate some local ceremony and enjoy the happiness with Swedes. There was some activities held in Paradise park close to Vallastaden today.



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